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Using our 16 years of experience in the Industrial Laser industry, Alphatronics, Inc. has become the full service solution for maintenance, repairs, upgrades, training and the decommission and installation of old and new industrial lasers. We have created a unique formula to fully maintain your investment from one convenient, efficient, reliable source.

​Emergency Repairs

Each week our trained technicians crisscross the country to meet the demands of our customers as they deal with unexpected down time on their lasers. We work tirelessly to help you when you are most vulnerable so that you can get back to smooth running again as quickly as possible. Why don’t you give us a try and find out why so many of our customer continue to call us back.

Preventative Maintenance

As we crisscross the country dealing with the unscheduled breakdowns we get to see first had the importance of scheduled maintenance. We have seen firsthand how preventative maintenance has and can make a difference in the performance of your laser. Call us today and find out how our comprehensive maintenance checks can prevent unplanned downtime, and don’t forget to ask about our AlphaCare program!



There is more to moving a laser than just moving it. You want your asset protected and that is where our experience comes in. With countless moves under our belt we have the proven know how to prep your laser to be safely moved and to put it all back together in its new location. You can rest assured knowing at the end of the day the job will be done right. Keep in mind also we provide rigging services and transportation for your laser, we can be a "one stop shop" for your laser move, a turnkey solution.



Alphacadimy is our newest venture here at Alphatronics. We have been so successful helping you in your local shops that we have decided to tell all. If you are interested in learning more about our laser training classes click to see the full details.



What better place to buy your next laser from than from the guys that fix them. This means no surprises! And you know you are dealing with people that are informed about what they are selling  You can rest assured that when you buy from us you know what you are getting. Click to learn more.

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