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Alphatronics, Inc is an industrial maintenance company that is highly specialized in the service, repair, and maintenance of industrial laser systems, especially Bystronics. We provide everything you need to receive the greatest value of your industrial laser system in a simple, efficient, and cost effective manner.


James Johnson
President & Owner

JAMES JOHNSON is the President and Owner of Alphatronics, Inc. With over 16 years of experience in the industrial maintenance and laser industry, he has become the leading voice in industrial laser field.

Under his expertise and commitment to customer service, Alphatronics, Inc. quickly became a worthy rival, competing against Bystronic’s 25-year history as a laser-service company. He prides himself and his team on maintaining an exceptional rate of customer retention and satisfaction. Each technician on our team is trained under his expertise, expanding on their own unique set of skills and experience. James’ history in the field and his passion for quality, performance, and excellence has energized the company with a special foundation of trust, loyalty, and superior customer service. Alphatronics, Inc. continues to expand under his leadership and the proactive mentality of the core team.

He’s a dog person and a family man.

"Our commitment to excellence extends beyond service. We will maintain, repair, upgrade and even relocate your industrial laser system with the least amount of down time possible."


James Johnson, President

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