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ALPHACARE is an industrial laser maintenance program for metal fabrication shops interested in keeping their production lines at peak performance. ALPHACARE provides the mechanical maintenance and management of the actual use and care of the laser. ALPHACARE insures your machine & the personnel running the machine are ready for optimum production. ALPHACARE eliminates the worry of not knowing when & if the machine will malfunction.

We beat our competitors on price, discounts & convenience!



ALPHACARE is much less expensive than most maintenance plans. Our competition charges around $3750 for the maintenance of one machine. We start at $3500. If you sign up for ALPHACARE the price starts at $3250 per machine and can go as low as $2500 per machine.


ALPHACARE subscribers receive large discounts on service and parts. We offer a 10% discount to ALPHACARE subscribers on all Ohpir lenses we sell. Larger discounts are available for owners of multiple machines & companies that sign up for long term contracts. We also offer a 10% discount for our relocation services. Consider the price advantage in re-selling your laser when you can offer 10% off of the delivery and installation of that laser.



Unlike our competitors, we service all of the machines you have at one site all at one time. Our  competition is known for causing scheduling nightmares for laser owners by insisting on only servicing one machine a week. With all of this, the ALPHACARE program also provides off site phone support for technical issues. Your staff will be able to contact the Alphatronics technician that trained them for support on new & existing issues with the use & maintenance of your laser.

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